Concerns over environmental degradation in Lumbini

28th Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

BUTWAL, Sep 28: Concerns have been raised over the rising environmental degradation affecting the Lumbini area and other related areas - Rupandehi and Ramgram - of Nawalparasi. 

This concern was raised in an interaction programme on industrial pollution in and around Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, organised by the Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) here on Thursday. 

The participants were concerned about the environmental degradation that these historic areas, remaining as open museums were experiencing due to industrial pollution, insisting on the need of seeking measures to curb the situation on time. 

Province 5 minister for industry, tourism, forest and environment, Leela Giri, said industries established in areas adjoining to the area had affected the image of Lumbini at an international arena. The minister pledged to make efforts to install technology of international standard in industries, seeking the cooperation of industrialists for the same. If such plan failed to deliver expected results, industries would be shifted to other areas and tourism related industries encouraged to be established there. 

"Lumbini remains as one of the invaluable heritage of the entire world," she said, adding that no compromise would be made to protect the area its essence and beauty. 
According to her, there is lack of laws to control industrial pollution, but such lack will be addressed soon. The government has a plan to launch a go green campaign in the Lumbini so as to make it green by the next five years through tree plantations on both sides of the highway. 

Tree plantations on the banks of Tinau, Danab and Rohini rivers and one village- one pond programme are among the plans of the province government 
Lumbini Development Trust officiating member secretary Engineer Saroj Bhattarai shared that the distribution of licenses by the Department of Industry for the establishment of industries without much consideration had posed a risk to environment protection efforts in Lumbini. 

Lumbini Sanskritik Municipality mayor Manmohan Chaudhary, Siddhartha Chamber of Commerce Industry, Kul Prasad Neupane, culture expert Dr Gitu Giri underscored the need of taking timely measures to restore the natural beauty and essence of Lumbini. RSS