Concreting removed in Ranipokhari area, reconstruction to start soon

4th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 04: The modern concreting in the Ranipokhari area has been removed in process to reconstruct the heritage site in the traditional way. Kathmandu Metropolis has reported that the reconstruction work will begin in a few days. The Ranipokhari reconstruction work had been going on for about 18 months when widespread protests over the use of modern construction material has forced the removal of all concrete used in the reconstruction work.

Engineer at the Kathmandu Metropolis, Ram Thapa, said that Ranipokhari will be restored into its state prior to the earthquake of 2015. "We will begin the work at the start of the coming economic year, and move forward to finish the reconstruction within the same year. We have made all the necessary arrangements and discussions, so there will be no chance of halt or protests. The work will be finished by the stipulated time."

The Kathmandu Metropolis stated that that reconstruction work will begin as soon as the Department of Archaeology gives its consent to the project, which will come by the second half of July.

Ranipokhari was constructed by King Pratap Malla in his son Chakravartindra Malla's name.