Conservation of Gaikharka Lake started for tourism promotion

4th May, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 04: Conservation efforts for Gaikharka Lake, situated in Magardang, Myagdi is being started by local authorities. The lake, which has been a tourism destination as well as a water source for locals, is being aimed for promotion as a tourism attraction by the Malika Village Municipality.

Local Bhak Bahadur Gharti has said that a dam is being constructed with local efforts at the lake in order to increase the area and depth of the lake. The Village Municipality has allocated Rs. 500,000 in the current economic year for the protection and conservation of the lake.

The lake, which is currently 46 m long and 46 m wide, is being increased to measure 55 m long and 55 m wide. The lake measures 3 m in depth, which is also expected to increase with the construction of hte dam.

Tourists can enjoy the view of Dhaulagiri, Gurja, and other mountains from the vicinity of the. Ward Chief Pipla Budhathoki said that the aim is to promote the location and to establish it as a tourism destination.

The Gaikharka Lake is situated 30 minutes of uphill climb from Magardang.