Construction of cable car resumes despite of lockdown

22nd May, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

TANAHU, May 22: Construction of the cable car, which was halted due to lockdown, has started. Work on the cable car under construction in Bandipur Village Municipality-4, Thuldhunga of Tanahu has started from Tuesday.

Chairman of Bandipur Cable Car and Tourism Limited Ram Chandra Sharma informed that the construction work of the cable car has been started using local laborers. Cable car construction work has been started using less labor due to the lockdown. According to Sharma, only 12 workers have been used so far. "The work was halted after the cable car workers were sent home after the lockdown started. Now we are using local workers," Sharma said.

Five out of 12 workers are already engaged in cable car construction. Work on the slope at the bottom station has been continued since Tuesday. According to Sharma, the work will be continued even during the lockdown period as there is sufficient supply of construction materials. The work of the cable car project was affected as the workers who went home and could not return after the lockdown. Before the lockdown, 170 workers were employed at the cable car project site.

"It is not possible to call the workers back to work in the current situation, that's why we have started working safely using the local workers," Sharma said. The cost of the building being constructed at the bottom station is Rs. 185 million.