Construction of Entry Gate in Sauraha

18th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 18: An entry gate is being constructed to Budhirapti bridge of Sauraha is being carried out. The gate is being constructed to provide the positive environment for the tourist area in this region.

According to the President of Regional Hotel Association, Sauraha, the construction work is being carried out with the help of Nepal Tourism Board and local organizations. Narayan Bhattarai, chief of the entry gate construction committee said that due to the lack of budget they were unable to construct the gate on time. Nepal Tourism Board has contributed 2 million rupees for the construction and rest of the expenses is being handled by other organizations.

Bhattarai has estimated 4.5 million rupees expense in the construction work. The outer part of the gate will be designed by making the arts of animals in wood. The statue of rhino will be placed on both sides of the gate. After entering through the gate, tourists can see the hotels of Sauraha region.