Construction of new parking lot at Nepalgunj Airport gets completed

29th Jul, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

NEPALGUNJ, July 29: The construction work of the aircraft parking lot has been completes at Nepalgunj Airport, which has the highest number of flights after Tribhuvan International Airport. Chief of the Nepalgunj Civil Aviation Office, Prem Nath Thakur said that the construction work of the aircraft parking lot has been completed as the construction work was continued even during the lockdown.

He said that the parking lot will be formally brought into operation after some time. According to Chief Thakur, there was no enough parking space at Nepalgunj Airport, but now the problem will be solved. Likewise, Yogendra Kunwar, ATC chief of Nepalgunj Airport, said that the obligation to hold the airship in the sky due to lack of parking space would end now.

He pointed out the need to bring the new parking lot in operation as soon as possible as there will be a shortage of parking lot after the regular flights starts from August 17. According to the Civil Aviation Office, Nepalgunj, eight ATR 72 aircrafts and many other small ships can be easily parked in the constructed parking lot.