Construction of Pokhara International Airport gaining momentum

28th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Feb 28: The construction of Pokhara International Airport is gathering momentum. In the 7 months since construction started, 6% of the work has been accomplished.

Internal Affairs minister of Province 4, Hari Bahadur Chumaan had visited the airport to inspect the construction progress. Minister Chumaan instructed the project chief to conclude the construction of the airport on time as it has become a matter of national concern as a national pride project. He expressed belief that the completion of the project on time will allow tourism to flourish in the state and help in its economic growth, establishing it as a model state.

The Chinese contractor company CAMC Engineering is currently working on the ground foundation work, said project chief Binesh Monakarmi. The company plans to finish 80% of the foundation work by mid-June. The construction is currently employing 50 Chinese and 150 Nepali workers. Project chief Munakarmi states that if there are no further obstacles, the construction can be finished 6 months before the stipulated deadline.

Nepal Government had given the airport contract to CAMC Engineering on May 12, 2014 with the deadline of July 10, 2021 under the DPC model with a clause for compensation to the government in case the work is not completed by the deadline.

The government has also compensated for of 521 ropanis of the total land it had requisitioned for the airport. It is preparing for the compensation of 60 ropanis of land requisitioned in recent time for construction of a ring road around the airport periphery.