Construction Work of Monuments of Hanumandhoka being carried out

4th Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 04: Construction work of the cultural and traditional monuments of Hanumandhoka palace is being carried out. There are around more than 36 monuments in Hanumandhoka Palace and among those 10 of them were damaged due to the massive earthquake in 2015.

Nautalle durbar and Kashthamandap palace are also under construction whereas the construction work of Maju Deg will be started soon. Likewise, the engineers are doing research on reconstructing Kumari house.The Chief of Conservation program of Hanumandhoka, Uday Bahadur Pasakhala said that the other monuments of Hanumandhoka Durbar is being constructed.

He said that the construction work of Kashthamandap will be completed within 3 years and Maju Deg within 2 years. Due to the construction of the heritages the number of tourists is also increasing. The tourist visiting this area from SAARC has to pay 150 rupees as entrance fee and the tourist from foreign countries have to pay 1000 rupees. Around 4hundred 90 million budget has been separated for the construction of Hanumandhoka Palace.