Continuing Gandhi’s legacy of Khadi clothes models heats the ramp in Nepal

12th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 12: The mercury dipped temperature of Kathmandu soared on Friday evening as the models wearing the Khadi clothes took the ramp on Nepali Capital Kathmandu showcasing the dress made of “Khadi”.

The Khadi which became popular at the time of Mahatma Gandhi’s movement for democracy has now been transformed into fashion icon weaved by Nepali and Indian fashion designers.

“It stood for self reliance. It stood for India’s legacy that was all about and it has made us extremely proud. Today we are extremely delighted that Khadi has become a household name worldwide and people are finding new ways of bringing this tradition to the world in mediate fashions and other ways,” Manjib Singh Puri India’s Chief of Mission to Nepal said while addressing the Khadi Nepal show on Friday evening.

The fashion show which showcased dresses made from Khadi which bore ancient significances dragged the attention of the viewers as well as it weaved the Nepal and India together.

The dresses from the Indian and Nepali designers bore the signs and symbols representing the artifacts and the symbols that have high significance for both the countries. Apart from this the dresses showcased on the ramp by the models also are made by the marginalized people abroad making them self reliant.

“The Khadi that creates large employment opportunities in South Asia that should be showcased in glamorous form and best of bringing India and Nepal together,” Rahul Baruwa, Secretary General of the South Asia Foundation who have organized the show told ANI.

The Khadi Fashion show also is the part of the ongoing India- Nepal Folk Crafts Festival which will be concluding on Saturday.