Cooperation between government and private sector is needed to revive tourism sector: Chandra Prasad Dhakal, Senior Vice-President of FNCCI

14th Sep, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 14: Chandra Prasad Dhakal, Senior Vice-President of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), said that cooperation between the government and the private sector was needed to revive the tourism business which was in crisis due to the Covid pandemic.

Addressing a seminar on formulating the action plan of the Siddhartha Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday, Senior Vice President Dhakal said that the biggest crisis in the tourism sector was caused by the Covid pandemic and cooperation of all parties was needed to resolve it.

He is of the view that the tourism sector will return to normal soon and the Gautam Buddha International Airport should be operational for this. "We, on behalf of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), are urging the government to make the Gautam Buddha Airport operational as soon as possible," Dhakal said.

Speaking on the occasion, Dhakal said that Lumbini has immense potential for tourism and if the entrepreneurs of Lumbini could organize creative programs in other parts of the country, it would help in the promotion of Lumbini tourism. Dhakal, who is also the Chairman of Global IME Bank, reminded that they have recently made it mandatory for the employees of Global IME Bank to travel seven days out of the 15 days of annual leave.

He said, "Global IME Bank has about 3500 employees. We have made such an arrangement as the families of those employees will help in the promotion of tourism by visiting the internal destinations for only seven days. We expect this arrangement to have a positive impact on tourism in Lumbini, Pokhara, Chitwan and other areas."

Dhakal is confident that their small efforts will have far-reaching significance when the government's holiday tourism program is not being implemented. Dhakal stressed on the need to create a united voice of the private sector to create employment and respect the private sector as an investment sector. Recalling that the suggestions of the private sector have been included in the budget, monetary policy and tax policy, he said that it is still insufficient.