COVID-19 : the mystery of the origin, the baseless narrative

5th Oct, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

Ever since the Corona pandemic began, there have been numerous debates regarding its origin. Though scientific conclusions are obscure till today, the western entities have been pointing all its blame towards China.

The virus that claimed the lives of millions and left us all with a crippling economy, is still thought to be a very mysterious disease. It's been 19 months of continued research and studies but none can conclude exactly how it originated or is evolving or will behave in the future.
The genome of SARS-CoV-2 virus is so unusual that it has given rise to many conspiracy theories. During the first surge of the virus, many suspected that it spread from Wuhan's seafood market but none of the products sold at the market tested corona positive.
The WHO team researchers tested more than 80 thousand samples from the wild life and farm animals including bats, cattle and chickens but did not detect SARS-CoV-2 in any samples. Thus the WHO investigation released in March concluded that no solid link between the market and the virus's origin could be made.
Many scientists believe that it has a natural origin but they say it could take many years to identify the animal source of covid.  
Like, after taking nose and anal swabs from over 13 thousand bats between 2016 to 2021, a study in China suggested that the virus causing covid is extremely rare in the bats of China.
But despite all these confusions and disputable facts the so-called powerful nations around the world have done very little while the misinformation regarding the virus's origin has been escalating. One of the most believed rumor seems to be about the virus being leaked from a bio lab in Wuhan. It spread like fire on the internet. And although there is no scientific evidence, it is still believed by many. The media play could be held responsible for this.
In the meantime, the blame games about covid's origin started by western forces have led to many horrendous acts against the Asians. Few months ago it became so severe that Asians living abroad, particularly western countries, were terrified to even go out. There was this one report of an elderly Chinese woman being set on fire which showed the extent of anti-asian hate crimes going on in the US and other countries. Likewise Physical assaults, being spat on, verbal abuse in broad daylight were all over the news last May. People there held Asians responsible for the whole pandemic situation.
Actually it all started after President Donald Trump referred to coronavirus as 'Chinese Virus'. This led to serious prejudice against China and racism towards all Asians.
The western countries typically remained stiff with China after it was able to control the infections. In contrast, earlier in January, the US and some European countries had been going through the worst surge of the virus with no sign of relief.
After months of lockdown, aggressive testing and contact tracing, strict border inspections and mandatory covid guidelines, most of China was able to return back to normal at the time. On the other hand in the US, many still believed the virus was a hoax and refused to wear masks or follow covid guidelines. This had a pretty disastrous consequence there.
Not just the virus, the western entities have been suspicious of China built vaccines too. Despite its effectiveness being proven and all the necessary trials conducted, they kept showcasing doubts as China was very early in manufacturing and using the vaccine for its citizens. Now the same vaccine is being widely used all across the world.
So this too proves the hostile nature of Western forces that has grown even more after the pandemic. They have been trying to portray China as a trouble maker in this upsetting situation just because it recovered early while the rest of the world is still fighting covid.
Text: Mamata