Crocodile attack victim returns home

23rd Jun, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, June 23: Prasad Mahato, 46, of Dharmapur of Chitwan Khairehani Municipality-13 who was severely injured  in a crocodile attack has returned home following his recovery after a three-week stay in a hospital. He had lost his right hand to the deadly attack that happened on May 31.

He said though he lost his hand to the deadly attack, he is, at this moment, happy for at least being saved from the attack. "I am happy because at least I am alive and the left hand is left unhurt in the attack."

He was grabbed by a large voracious aquatic reptile  as he went to the Icharani Stream based in Kumroj of  eastern Chitwan.

It is noted that a child was rescued alive from the mouth of a crocodile from eastern Chitwan some two months ago.  A crocodile had caught him while he was swimming in a stream based in Jagatpur.