Culture expert Joshi's epic now in Nepali and English

28th Jun, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, June 28 : Culture expert Satya Mohan Joshi's epic 'Aranikokrit Swetachaitya' has been published in both Nepali and English.

Written in Nepal language, the creation was later translated into Nepali and English languages.

Joshi's son Anuraj Joshi translated the epic into both Nepali and English. The book has presented the philosophical premises of the construction of the Seto Chaitya or the White Pagoda by Nepali sculptor Araniko in China as a symbol of Nepal-China friendship.

At a review of the epic jointly organized by the Nepal Academy and Nali Literary Monthly Magazine in the capital on Tuesday, various speakers stressed the need to translate the creation – which has highlighted and promoted the Swetchaitya constructed by renowned Nepali architect Araniko at international arena – into other scripts.

Senior culture expert Satya Mohan Joshi while highlighting the importance of Mahayan and Bajrayan costumes for Buddhist culture said the epic has been written based on these cultures.

Academy Chancellor Ganga Prasad Uprety said that the creation would be important for promoting philosophical aspects of Chaitya constructed by Araniko being based on Buddhism.