Culture has contributed in upholding Nepal's global identity

7th May, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 7: Culturist Satyamohan Joshi has noted that the culture – which has developed since the time immemorial – is contributing towards the spread of Nepal's identity in the world and that it is the duty of one and all to preserve such culture.

At a programme organized by Nepal Lokbarta Samaj here in the capital city on Saturday, Joshi said the diverse cultures in the hilly regions and the plains of Tarai – Madhes make up for the country's identity.

He said Nepal entered a new era with a regulation on culture formulated in 1967. He added further that the country's pride rested with the cultures of people speaking 100 different languages.

On the occasion, Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Shankar Adhikari, shared that Nepal's culture held its own specialty and added that multi-culture and multi-language Nepali society was creating pressure on the state to uphold its identity.

At the programme presided over by Samaj's Chairperson, Tulasi Diwas, litterateurs including Abhi Subedi and Prof Chudamani Bindu shed light on the tradition of the Nepali cultures.

Joshi released 'Discourse on Folk' titled book in English language as well as 'Dhimal Lokbarta and Lokjivan'.