Dailkeh gaining popularity along with Rara Lake

5th Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 5 : Domestic and foreigner tourist whom are destined to visit Rara Lake are visiting Dailekh’s Shristhan. About 12,000 tourist has been visited the Shristhan and Navisthan in between last mid August to mid December of 2016.


People especially from Surkhet, Nepalgunj, Kathmandu along with other districts come to visit Rara Lake, while departing from Rara Lake they observe the Shristhan, the natural source of burning gas. Apart from the far lying districts people from neighboring districts Jumla, Humla and Mugu also come to visit Dailekh's Shristhan.


Tourists who are visiting through vehicle they will encounter the upper Dhungeshwor of Dailekh so visitor for Shristhan has increased. "The distance between upper Dhungesthan to Shristhan is about 20 km, so it’s been an easy way to go there", visitor from Jumla, Ghanshyam Nagarkoti said.

Natural gas had been reported in Dailekh’s Shristhan, Dhuleshwor and Paduka for a long time. According to locals, in Shristhan, a natural flame has been burning for over 300 years.

Many researches have been take place there during blockade but after change in government research comes to stop, local people complaints.