Daily for your Belly

6th May, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

Daily Belly, located in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, belongs to Tijma Thapa and Rahul Shakya . When asked about how the name ‘Daily Belly’ was conceived, Tijma says it came at the end of a long discussion between the partners who had to think of a name that started from ‘D’ because they thought it would bring good fortune as all of them were equally superstitious.

Aside from that, they wanted a name that represented a friendly, family, daily meal joint. Tijma mentioned how much family means to her and how family has inspired her to take this step. She says, in a way, the restaurant too is her baby. This essence of love can be seen and felt at the place.

The restaurant is very thoughtfully designed to give the diners a feel of freshness. The floor has a soft artificial grass carpet on it and there is a flower pot anywhere you turn your eye to. The cleverly selected art on the walls and the dim lighting certainly adds to the environment they were going for. This strategically created ambience gives you the feel of being out in the nature. In the dusty city of Kathmandu where it’s a struggle to find one clean spot, daily belly offers absolute bliss. In all honesty Daily Belly isn’t the biggest or fanciest. The small area and the simplistic design does resemble a cozy ‘family’ restaurant. No matter how simplistic they have kept the place, they have definitely brought the colours with the food.

Out of the many delicacies we tried there Sizzler Momo was what stood out. The amalgam of a Sizzler and Momo served in actual flames. The owners also shared about their love for food. Both of them are connoisseurs of Nepali and foreign cuisines. We hope this love of theirs continues to grow.

Text/Photo: Ananta Gurung