Damside Park to be constructed as Flag Park in Pokhara

3rd Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 03: Pokhara Municipality is going to construct the Damside Park as Flag Park by collaborating with Gandaki state government. The flag is going to be placed in damside area so that the shadow of the flag can be observed in the Fewa Lake.

“State Government and Pokhara Municipality is working together to invest in constructing Nepal’s flag in the damside area”, said Kiran Gurung, Economic Affairs and Plan minister of the state. He said that they are planning to make Fewa Lake more attractive and to promote it as tourism destination so that they have decided to construct a park including the flag of Nepal.

The flag is being kept under the plans and policy of the government. The flag will be 100m tall. The flag is kept there to target the tourists. More attractions will be further added in the area to make Visit Nepal 2020 campaign more successful. The state government is also planning to do more branding of the area. After the research of the Municipality, around 10 million rupees will be invested to make the flag. This plan has already been approved by the ministers of the state.

Spokesperson of the government and Infrastructural development minister, Ram Sharan Basnet said that after the approval we will start the construction work. While constructing the park, 50% will be invested by the municipality. The tender for the construction work will called by the municipality.