Darai Village experiencing change with the start of homestay facilities

26th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Mar 26: The face of Darai Village in Kumroj, Chitwan has changed with the operation of homestay facilities. The homestay facility in the village started in 2014 with 5 locations which has increased to 11. Of those locations, 8 are currently in operation.

President of Darai Homestay, Pratima Darai, said that residents of the village had received homestay training at Amaltari, Nawalpur. With the operation of the homestay facilities, the village is now more organized and beautiful.

"Many things are changing in the village with the inflow of foreign people," said President Darai. The village aims to increase service to 20 homestay locations.

The homestay service was started with aid from Chitwan National Park, the National Trust for Nature Conservation, the Consumer Committee, and Kumroj Community Forest. Homestay Secretary Govinda Darai says that the village is primarily sustained by agriculture, but with the introduction of homestay service, there will be a change in daily life.

"We have been unable to promote the homestay service adequately," he said, "as such, most foreign tourists do not have knowledge of our service."

Around 2500 tourists have visited the homestay till now. Most of them have been domestic tourists. Tourists staying in the homestay can find entertainment in jeep safari, elephant safari, boat safari, etc.