Day II of Dashain in Bhaktpur: Praying in Maheshwori Temple

22nd Sep, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 22 : Day two of the Bhaktapur Nawaratri is traditionally fulfilled by pilgrimage to the Maheshwori Temple at the south-east end of the city’s outskirts. Although the Maheshwori Temple is an obscure temple and rarely visited at other times of the year, it holds special significance during the Dashain festival.

The goddess presiding the temple, Goddess Maheshwori, is one of a group of goddesses known as Astamatrikas who are worshipped in the Nawaratri pilgrimage. The temple is located on the banks of the Hanumante River, with which the temple is associated.

It does not lie on the inner-city area and can be reached by going east at the crossing at Suryamadhi, which is less than a minute’s walk through the Chyamasingh gate. The road through Suryamadhi takes one down a brick-paved slope as one reaches the area and across a small bridge. The temple is besides a local sports ground and can easily be recognized by its elevated platform and large pipal tree shadowing it.

The temple platform is also bordered on one side by pati pauwa. Worshippers on Nawaratri after visiting the temple go down to the bank and carry out more rituals at the river.