Day III Dashain in Bhaktapur: Worship in Kaumari Temple

23rd Sep, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 23 : The Third Day of Bhaktapur Nawaratri is marked by pilgrimage to Kaumari Temple. The temple of Kaumari marks the south end of the religious Mandala which the pilgrimage of Nawaratri is meant to venerate. The goddess Kaumari is not to be confused with the Living Goddess Kumari, who is believed to be the living incarnation of the Goddess Taleju.

The Kaumari Temple can be reached by taking the fork down the south end of the Taumadhi Square. The fork itself splits two ways, and the temple is situated a few minutes down the one on the left, through the marketplace known as Khasibazaar

The Goddess Kaumari, also known as Kumari, despite similairities in name with the living goddess, is seen as the female counterpart of Kumar, the Hindu God of War. During the Dashain Navaratri, worshippers visit the Hanuman Ghat river after the offering obeisance at the temple. While the Hanuman Ghat river may also be associated with the Maheshwori temple, the two temples are assigned different locations on the river’s path. The part of the river besides the Maheshwori temple is also referred to as Kuma Khola.

The river winds around the temple and nearby sports ground before reaching the actual Hanuman Ghat area, which is the place designated for Newari funerals. The ghat is an elaborate construction with stone steps lining the banks of the river and statues of various Hindu gods and goddesses.