Day V of Bhaktapur Nawaratri: Worship in Barahi Temple

25th Sep, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHAKTAPUR, Sep 25 : The fifth day of Nawaratri in Bhaktapur is celebrated by a visit to Barahi Temple near Suryabinayak.

The Barahi Temple covers west side of the Astamatrika mandala which the Nawaratri tradition seeks to venerate.

It is situated in the immediate west of Suryabinayak crossing, and is unusually situated almost next to the Arniko highway.

The goddess Barahi is known as the female counterpart of the Baraha avatar of the god Vishnu.

The Barahi Temple near Suryabinayak is a major place of religious place for Newars of Bhaktapur, who visit the temple on many different occasions, including personal family celebrations.

One of the reasons why the temple is so popular amongst the inhabitants of Bhaktapur is because the temple area also features a building around it which is rented to host traditional celebrations of marriage, and other family occasions.

During Nawaratri, the Barahi Temple is associated with the Mangal Tirtha river, which is the section of Hanumante River flowing across the Barahi area, towards the north side of the temple. Visitors to the Barahi Temple also visit the associated river as on the other days of the Nawaratri pilgrimage.

The Barahi Temple is also situated very close to the Barahi Cinema Hall. It has also recently gone through refurbishing for the occasion of Nawaratri