Day VII of Bhaktapur Nawaratri: Worship in Mahakali Temple

27th Sep, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHAKTAPUR, Sep 27 : The seventh day Bhaktapur Nawaratri is dedicated to the Goddess Mahakali. On this day, pilgrims flock to the Mahakali Temple situated near Byasi, a location named after the goddess herself. The temple is situated at the north end of the Bhaktapur mandala.

The seventh day of Dashain festival is known as Fulpati and is an important day in the festival for non-Newar Hindus. Newars, on the other hand, visit the Mahakali Temple as part of the Nawaratri pilgrimage, or are engaged on preparing their homes for the important ceremonies to start from the eight day of Dashain.

The Mahakali Temple is a popular one as it also includes space for traditional Newar celebrations, similar to the Barahi Temple and others. It is also situated next to the Byasi road. Geographically, it is an oddity as it is situated atop a hillock at the side of the road. After climbing a steep flight of steps, one reaches a very small landing which is filled with the typical structures of a Hindu temple: the shrine of the chief goddess in the center, short rows of bronze lamp around it, and various smaller statues of different gods and goddesses near the borders and walls.

The seventh day pilgrimage of Bhaktapur Nawaratri goes along with a visit to a nearby pond, known as Kasankhusi. It is a peaceful location, and constructed different from the other historic pools in Bhaktapur. It is a small body of water, with a statue of the god Vishnu placed in a reclining position in the water, similar to the  popular Budhanilkantha Temple. The pool also has a pavilion at the center of it which houses a small statue of the Matsya Avatar of the god Vishnu.