Day VIII of Bhaktapur Nawaratri: Worship in Mahalaxmi Temple

29th Sep, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHAKTAPUR, Sep 28 : The center of pilgrimage on the eighth day of Bhaktapur Nawaratri is the Mahalaxmi Temple situated in Bholachhen. It’s the final point in the religious mandala and the last of the Astamatrika goddesses to be venerated in the Nawaratri tradition.

The temple is situated only a short distance from the Mahakali Temple visited on the seventh day. While the Mahakali Temple is situated right next to the Byasi road, the easiest access to the Mahalaxmi Temple is available slightly south of the road, nearer to Kamalbinayak, where the road forks towards the north side either to the Mahalaxmi Temple on the left, or to the Mahakali Temple on the right.

The Mahalaxmi Temple is a relatively small two-storied pagoda-style temple that like in the center of the Mahalaxmi chowk. It is a popular one among locals, having an important significance for various Newar festivals. Various festivals in the Newar community of Bhaktapur involve a circumambulation of certain circuits in the inner city Bhaktapur, which cover many major temples in the city. The Mahalaxmi Temple is one of the temples that are included in these circuits, being visited in such festivals like Bisket Jatra and Gai Jatra.

The Mahalaxmi Temple is associated on the eight day of Nawaratri festival with the Kamalpokhari pool at Kamalbinayak. The pool, constructed during ancient Malla times, has important historical significance, and these days it is a popular visiting place for locals. During this day, however, it holds special importance for the Nawaratri pilgrims who have to visit the pool alongside the Mahalaxmi Temple to complete the day of pilgrimage.