Delay in Muglin- Narayangarh road expansion threatens Sauraha's Tourism sector

19th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 19: The daily disruption in the Muglin- Narayangarh road section has left the tourism sector of Sauraha in Limbo. The concern authorities of the hotel associations have asked the government to search for an alternative to the road section.


The meeting between the hoteliers and the Tourism Ministry officials in Kathmandu on Tuesday requested the government to give an alternative to the road section which has been under maintenance and expansion from long period of time. The government has set the target till April of 2018 to complete the project.

The government also has promised to speed the work in the road section in war foot situation. The favorite tourist destination, Sauraha has over One hundred hotels which now are deserted because of the disruption in the road section that leads tourists to other tourist destinations like Lumbini along with Sauraha.

In order to survive the hoteliers in Sauraha has come forward with special packages in co-ordination with various air service providers but the details about it is still to follow.