Delay in Nepalgunj- Delhi flight of Buddha Air

21st Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 21: Buddha Air, which has been providing air services to various sectors, had announced that it will soon start its next international flight from Nepalgunj to Delhi in India but currently,  no possibilities has been seen for flight operation till now.

According to the Director of Nepal Civil aviation office, Premnath Thakur -" A separate sector is required to operate international flights but there is no such facility of separate sector in Nepalgunj, It will take about a year to construct the infrastructures so there are no possibilities of Nepalgunj - Delhi flight for now". Buddha Air planned to operate its direct flight from Nepalgunj- Delhi from mid of December but now it is not possible before end of year 2019.

Thakur said that, the operator must ask for the stall in airport before operating the flight, Delhi airport has provided the night schedule but Nepalgunj airport will not be able to operate its flight during night time.

The Nepalgunj- Delhi flight is targeted for the Mansarovar devotees as Nepalgunj will be the transit for the Mansarovar travelers. As there are no possibilities seen Buddha air will be operating the flight from next year.