Dhan Diwas: National paddy day at Bhaktapur (Photo Feature)

2nd Jul, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

In a country where a major part of the population still depends on agriculture. The 15th day in the month of Asar popular known as Asar 15 is celebrated as an agricultural festival for decades. A few years now, the government endorsed the tradition and celebrated it as Ropain diwas or dhan diwas.(National paddy day). All the farmers and people gather together to celebrate this festival. The farmers put on their traditional clothes to demonstrate the fanfare. Like in the outskirts of Kathmandu valley, Newari women celebrate the festival wearing Haku Patasi and various ornaments. The day is celebrated by organizing various games like planting the allotted field, running in the muddy field, splashing with muddy water, singing typical folk songs (Asare Geets) which describe joys and pains of farming life. In recent years, the festival has become popular amongst the tourists visiting Nepal. They have enjoyed participating in this unique festival.

Text/Photo: Bivas Shrestha