Dhankuta Municipality starts rafting at Tamor River

6th May, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 06: Dhankuta Municipality has started rafting activities at the Tamor River from Yakchanatar to Mulghat. The municipality was provided technical help to start the sport by River Deep Pvt. Ltd. from Itahari.

Suresh Basnet from River Deep said that the selected route was found to have high potential for rafting because of many rapids found in the short area. "There is possibility to start commercial rafting if the municipality builds the necessary infrastructures in place," he said.

Basnet said that Tamor River is the 3rd most favorable destination to conduct rafting activities in the country. The rafting route from Yakchanatar to Mulghat, covering a distance of 16 km, is believed to be short and highly enjoyable for tourists. The route can be covered within 1 hour by rafting. In that distance, there are around 9 rapids, which make rafting fun and exciting.

Deputy Mayor of Dhankuta Municipality, Shakuntala Basnet, said that she would make her best efforts to bring the necessary infrastructure to make commercial rafting in the region a success. As of yet, the road that leads to Yakchana is unfavorable for large vehicles. Basnet said that budget will be allocated for the upgradation of the road and developing other necessary infrastructures.