Dhaulagiri Icefall trekking route construction complete

1st Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 01: The construction of Dhaulagiri Icefall trekking route which joins Myagdi and Mustang has been completed. According to Dhaulagiri Icefall Pathway Construction Committee’s Chief Mr. Dhurbakumar Paeja, they have built about 25 pathways in the zone temporarily over two months. The scenic beauty of the Himalayas can be seen from this route which was built in the budget of 10 lakhs. It extends 1 km from Sisiladhara, Chimkhola to Kalibaraha pond. The Akkare cliff has been demolished to construct the route and the stairs in the route is paved with stones in some places.

In the period of five years the route has been constructed from the Ruese of Bagawati to Pachetradhuri, Sobangdhuri, Loshdhuri, Dahabukki, Phedi, Sugurathala and Sasaladhara. The route from Ruese to Dahabukki is still to be constructed improving its standard properly whereas the route from Duhabukito to Kalibaraha river is being constructed. Paeja added that to reach the base camp of Dhaulagiri lying in the part of  Kuenemangale and Chimkhola about 3 km of route needs to be constructed still and 10 m of high rocks should be demolished for it. The old narrow road extending from Kalibaraha’s Dooban to Mustang’s Lete should be renovated too.

Even though the route construction has completed, lagging in the mapping process and tourism infrastructure development has caused delay in the operation of the route, according to Dhaulagiri Icefall trekking route’s counsellor Devendra K.C . He also added that the Kumari Icefall trekking route( the first phase of route construction)  is in the verge of completion so the proper mapping system should be created, besides provisions like hotels, lodge and view tower construction, drinking water provision added K.C.