Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve open for hunting

20th Mar, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, March 20: The Only hunting reserve of Nepal: Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve has opened the hunting season for the second time this year. The reserve has allocated to hunt 10 Himalayan Blue Sheep (Naur) and 3 Himalayan Tahr (Jharal) during the season.

Four hunting agencies have been given permission for the hunting. The agencies can call upon the tourists who want to hunt the animals during the season.

According to the Chief of the reserve, Ananath Baral, the hunter will have to pay Rs 1.3 million to hunt one Himalayan Tahr alone. The reserve had called for the tender in February and due to the auction, the rate of the hunting was increased with the competition among the agencies, said Chief Baral. Among which two agencies have receive the permission for the Himalayan Tahr hunting for the third week of March.

The reserve has collected Rs 113.85 million during the season. The reserve allows the hunter to hunt twice a year and earns good amount of revenue during the seasons.