Dhumba Lake becomes the suitable tourist attraction in Mustang

14th Feb, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: One of the five villages in Mustang district in the Himalayas is "Gharpajhong Village" which is situated about 2 km southwest from Jomsom. About 1 km west of the village lies nature’s unique gift "Dhumba Lake".

To the north of  Dhumba Lake is Nilgiri Mountain, to the west is the Kuchpaterang Gumba, to the east the famous Gharphong Fort. The name of the village is named after this fort. To the north of the lake lies the river Kaligandaki.

The lake has an archaeological connection with some nearby Kuchpaterang monastery. Locals have been worshiping in the monastery since ancient times using pure water of this lake. Hundreds of local and foreign tourists arrive daily to see the lake. Due to the cold in winter, the number of tourists has decreased slightly but it is busy in the summer.

A cafe is also set up near the lake for tourist convenience. Armchairs, swings, and chairs have also been placed near the lake for ease of enjoying the scenic nature.