Dickey Sherpa to Ascend Everest for Gender Equality

24th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: With the message of “Positive thinking for gender equality and declaration of an inclusive society”, Dickey Sherpa is set to ascend Mt. Everest.

Sherpa is set to ascend Everest in the coming season to show that women are just as capable as men, to the culture that considers women to be second-class citizens.

“I’m ascending Everest to bolster women empowerment and change the male dominant perception of society”, said Sherpa. “My ascent to the summit will benefit the economic state through tourism as well as pave way for building an inclusive nation with gender equality.”, she added.

Sherpa informed that she is set to claim the summit in order to encourage the role of women in tourism and adventure tourism as well as in the economic, social and political sectors of the country.

Sherpa, a Sankhuwasabha born, Okhaldhunga resident, has received guidance training from the Mountaineering Training Establishment and NATHM College, has also taken basic and advanced training related to mountaineering. Sherpa has been active in the Nepalese tourism sector since 2013. Sherpa, who in 2017 scaled Manaslu, the eighth highest peak, is set to ascend Everest in March 2018.