Dolakha To Host Cultural and Religious Festival

25th Feb, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

DOLAKHA : 'Chhechiu Cultural Festival ' will be organized at Yalung Bauddhatar in the famous tourist destination of Dolakha, Jiri. The festival is aimed at highlighting the religious and cultural aspects of the Chechiu festival and promoting it.

On the occasion of the great festival of the Sherpas, Chhechiu and Visit Nepal 2020 the municipality of Jiri has planned to host the main event in collaboration with Youth Network Jiri, Sarbakhasa Gumba Guthi, Cherdung Youth Club, Baudhha Bhubaneshwari high school on February  20,21, and 22.

Organizers said that the festival will be highlighted with cultural exhibitions with local costumes, religious and mythical dances, chhyakure dance and hiking and jeep safaris at major tourist destinations in and around Yalung. The festival is expected to propagate the importance of dancing and the promotion of important tourist destinations in the region. 

On the occasion of the incarnation of Guru Padma Sambhav, the festival is performed with great gusto so that all beings can attain salvation. In Yalung, the tradition of pagan worship is grandly celebrated on the tenth day of the Shukla Paksha each year.