Dolakha witness downfall in tourist number as Homestay still lies down

17th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHIMESHWOR , July 17: Dolakha one of the epicenters of Nepal earthquake in 2015 is still to see the surge of tourists as it still is to stand tall like that of before. Though some residents have started rebuilding their homes the main attraction for the tourists, Homestay is still to stand up.

The homestay’s around the Bhimeshwor Temple, the major religious and the historical center use to have 30 homestays which went out of track after the earthquake of 2015 is till to get to track after two years.

The Bhimeshwor Temple of the district is flocked with pilgrims on Saturday and Tuesday. It is estimated that about 100 thousand pilgrims visit the temple but only 5 hotels around the temple are in operation.

Before the earthquake the temple use to be flocked with about 5 to 7 thousand pilgrims a day at the time of Dashain and other religious occasions. But now only 2 to 3 thousand devotees come to the temple.

“Before the earthquake we use to take the tourists to our respective homes and offer them local cuisines after the demolition of homestays we are not able to operate it which has resulted in reduction of tourists,” Bharat Pradhan a local resident said.

Though the temple lies in the district headquarter which has around two hundred hotels it is over booked at the occasion of Dashain and other special times.

“Previously the people use to come to Dolakha on Friday and Monday to worship Lord Bhimeshwor on Saturday and Tuesday, stay on the homestays and return back the next day. But the trend is now broken after the earthquake as people return back on the same day,” Charitra Krishna Joshi, Secretary of Dolakha Bhimeshwor Guthi and Puja Management Committee said.

The earthquake in 2015’s April brought down the structures in and around the temple but the main temple remained unaffected. The Store house and the house for saints also were affected and there is no sign of the reconstruction till now.