Domestic airlines face difficulty in international flights

2nd Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 02: The number of passenger traveling in international airlines has been increasing rapidly. There is a rapid increment in the number of passenger in Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). As compared to the year 2016, around 15% of passengers have been increased and in 2017 the passengers have been increased to 24%.

There is the scope of development in airways sector but the profit is less in domestic airways. According to the data from the airport last year, only 11% passenger was carried by Nepal airlines, 1% was carried by Himalayan Airlines and rest 88% passenger was carried by international airlines.

This year 3 International airlines were added and with this around 29 international airways and 2 Nepali airlines are on-air. There is a weak participation of Nepali airways. In 2017, there was an increment of 90% passengers within 9 months. According to the law, in order to get the license of international airline, a Nepali airline has to gain the airways experience of 5 years and deposit 50 crore rupees. Also, the airlines has to be a jet airlines.

There is lack of government policies regarding the airways sector due to which the domestic airways cannot get the license easily. International airways are getting a huge amount of profit for this reason. The licensing process is very lengthy as well as costly due to which people are unwilling to start international airways service.

According to an interview, Mittal has stated that- Except the rules regarding the safety of airways there are other unnecessary rules that are implemented by the government. Those who are able to run the airways service properly should be given chance. Therefore, after the proper rule of government the one who is willing to start international airline service, they should be supported and promoted. After the implementation of the new law, there will be the easy management of airlines.