Domestic and foreign airlines refusing to pay dues

22nd Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 22: 32 domestic and foreign airline companies that have stopped operation are refusing to pay Rs 113,964,973 that they owe to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

According to CAAN, Austrian Airlines has late dues of Rs 43,600, Burma Airways Rs 186,850, Lufthansa Air Rs 163,644, and the Gulf Air Rs 2,708,777. Similarly, Air Sahara has not dues of Rs 2,478,126, Pakistan Airlines Rs 2,684,238, Singapore Airlines Rs 558,128, Bahrain Air Rs 2,463,371, the Orient Thai Airlines Rs 589,813,  and Kingfisher Airlines Rs 11,597,562.

Likewise, other foreign airline companies yet to pay dues include GMG Airlines (Rs 159,101), United Air Adiuf (Rs 3,530), the United Airways (Rs 106,555), TUI Airlines (Rs 958,498), and Hong Kong Express (Rs 1,962,978). These companies are yet to pay the charges for using the airport.

Among domestic airlines, Air Nepal is yet to pay dues to the tune of Rs. 78,897, Yak Airways is yet to pay dues of Rs 183,772 and the Skyline Airways Rs 733,280. Other domestic airlines include Air Kasthamandap with dues of Rs. 329,284, Alpine Air (Rs. 72,728), Makalu Air (Rs. 94,218), Karnali Air (Rs. 1,664,056), Shangri La Air (Rs. 237, 944), Altitude Air (Rs. 329,945) and Mountain Air with dues of Rs. 52,281.

The Director General of CAAN, Sanjiv Gautam, said that it has started the process to collect the dues. According to him, a committee was formed some time back to collect the arrears and following the work by the committee and the airport office, Air Asia has paid 50 million and Agni Air has paid 7 million.