Domestic tourism increasing in Langtang alongside red panda conservation efforts

18th Jun, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jun 18: Domestic tourism is developing in the Syafrubesi, Langtang, and Syangzen regions after the establishment of the Red Panda trekking route.

The endangered red panda species has been found in the forests surrounding the Langtang Gosainkunda tourism and religious trekking routes since 1987, said President of the Langtang Reconstruction and Management Committee.

The number of domestic tourists has risen in the Syafrubesi-Langtang Red Panda trekking route since the route was established by the government of State 3. While a work plan has been developed for the conservation of red pandas in the region, there is currently a lack of promotion for the movement. Chief Conservation Officer of Langtang National Park, Yuvraj Regmi, said that the declaration of the Red Panda trekking route is expected to promote the tourist attractions of the Himalayan region, along with local art and culture around the world.

Regmi also said that with the increase in the number of tourists, the royalties collected from the entry fees will also grow while trekking guides and hotel entrepreneurs will also find employment. He also said that there must be a collective awareness for the conservation of red pandas and there must be a proper waste management system in the area to make the tourism areas more environment-friendly.

The local authorities have also been conducting the Red Panda Volleyball Competition yearly on the occasion of the World Wildlife Week. Various efforts are continually taking place for the conservation of the endangered red panda species. The Nepal Army is also engaged in discouraging poachers in the area.