Domestic tourists barred from Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve

28th Dec, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

INARUWA, Dec 28: The Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve, the famous tourist destination of the eastern region, has barred the domestic tourists from visiting the reserve, citing a security threat to them from wild elephants.

The Reserve office said that the entry of domestic tourists to the Reserve area has been stopped for some days bearing in mind the possible threat to their lives from attacks by wild elephants. Frequent elephant rampage is common in the reserve.

Domestic tourists do not take help of nature guides and have less knowledge about the safe travel rules inside the reserve, which may put their lives at risk of attack from wild elephants, according to Reserve Conservation Officer Shyam Prasad Saha.

However, foreign tourist will be allowed to visit the reserve with the help of the nature guides and adoption of precautionary measures.

The reserve is home to different species of birds and wild buffaloes which are  the major attraction to tourists.