Domestic tourists increases in Rara during Dashain

15th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 15: The number of domestic tourists in Rara, Mugu has increased during Dashain. During the vacation, domestic tourists visit Rara to celebrate the festival and enjoy the beauty of the place. Last year, 3 families went to Rara to receive Tika whereas this year the number has increased to 7 families.

Manager of Heritage Hotel, Raju Karki said that there was the booking of 12 families but only 7 families have confirmed. "People usually have misconception about the difficulties during flights and tickets during Dashain but if booking is done in done they can avoid such problems," he added.

The visitors have to pay 35 thousand rupees for 3 nights 4 day package. The number of passangers from Nepalginj has also increased. After the increase in number of tourists provision of home stays have also increased in that area. Around 300 tourists in a day visits Rara. People can enjoy the Rara Lake which changes its color 3 times a day and also the visitors can find small trout fish there.