Driver’s discipline mandatory for tourism development

3rd Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 03: Concerned authority said that for the development of tourism sector, discipline among the drivers taking the tourists to their destination is essential. A program called “Orientation with the Tourist Bus Drivers” was organized where the Tourism Police Unit informed that the drivers are the first persons who come in contact with the tourists so hospitality and discipline in the whole journey is an important aspect.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Divisional Chief Mr. Sarbendra Khanal said that tourism industry is flourishing well and to keep developing it, the drivers of tourist transportation should present themselves with formal language and behave with hospitality and discipline. He added, “Taking in account the safe journey for the tourists, the driver should not use harsh and informal words that may offend the tourists. Instead, his words should be soft and sweet.” He also informed that the tourist buses face fewer accidents than the public transport so other drivers should learn a good moral from this fact.

The Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board, Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi said that as Nepal has settled its political issues, the focus should now be in developing the tourism sector which contributes in Nepal’s economy and development. The taxi driver and the taxi should be well maintained and the price should be specific to make a good impression in the tourists, he added.

The General Secretary of Nepal National Transportation Trade Union, Mr. Saroj Sitaula said that basic infrastructure of development should be focused and improved and all the drivers of the tourist transportation or the public transportation should be disciplined.

The Tourism Police Unit established in 2035 BS have been providing security in more than 25 different places to ensure safe and secure environment for the tourists, said Rupa Thapa, the in-charge of the Police Unit.

Police officials and drivers who returned lost goods of tourists to their respected owners were also honored in the program.