Dukuchhap: A serene village to observe traditional farming (Photo Feature)

27th Jun, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

Dukuchhap is a beautiful village, which is situated south-west part of Lalitpur. We can reach the village within 30 minutes from Bhaisepati in a private vehicle. Dukuchhap is a good destination for observing traditional farming so, this year we decided to visit this serene village. We made a contact with the local farmers a day before the plantation and moved early morning to the field. Once, we reached the paddy field we were warmly greeted by the farmers.

After breakfast, the farmers started the work. Some farmers were using ox for preparing paddy filed and others started making edges of the fields. Girls were planting paddy plants. We had fun capturing their traditional works. After a long time, we got a chance to see the traditional paddy cultivation. We are very grateful to all the local farmers, who gave a chance to see their work and allow us to take snaps of their daily life. At last, I would like to give thanks to Sanjeev Thapa Magar and Binod Rayamajhi for the support.

Text/Photo: A. P Tolang