Dupcheshwor Temple: the second Pashupatinath in Nuwakot

28th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

Renowned as the second Pashupatinath in Bagmati, Dupcheshwor Temple is one of the most popular temples of the god Shiva in Nuwakot District. Located 65 km north of Kathmandu's Ratnapark and 35 km east of Nuwakot's district headquarters at Bidur, Dupcheshwor is perched on the banks of the Suryamati (Tadi) river. 


This temple is very popular because of the belief that the temple grants wishes to visiting devotees. The temple priest, Bhagawan Hari Dhital, is very ardent in his belief in the wish-granting powers of the temple, and says that he has seen many devotees return for a second visit after their wishes are granted. People who visit the temple with the purpose of praying offer cow milk and pray for their wishes to be granted. When their wishes (Vakal) come true, they visit the temple again and offer cow milk again. Thousands of people from all over the country visit the temple every year. Thousands of people participate in the big fair (Mela) at the temple on the days of Dhanyapurnima (Full Moon Day in Mangshir or Poush), Shivaratri, Teej, Balachaturdashi, Janaipurnima, etc. 

The temple, located on a remote and inaccessible cliff, has not only contributed to the popularity of Makaikhet, but the Nuwakot district as a whole.

The Municipality Chief, Yobindra Singh Tamang, says that the municipality is making efforts to promote the temple as a location for religious tourism, using various mediums as well as focusing on regulating bus services to the area.