El Beso Caro: Good view, Good food, Good times

6th Oct, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

El Beso Caro is an extraordinary place where the Mediterranean meets Nepalese culture. The restaurant is situated on the top floor of the Ramada Encore hotel at the heart of Thamel. You will be amazed by the design of the hotel, which has the touch of Nepalese culture with modern features.


As the restaurant is at the top, which is the 7th floor, you can take the elevator. As you come out of the elevator and reach the restaurant “El Beso Caro,” you will be bewitched by the extraordinary 360 views of Kathmandu along with a chill breeze of air and the exact words WOW will come out of your mouth.

The restaurant also has an infinity pool to enjoy a nice swim in the summer heat. I was warmly welcomed and asked if I would like some water, tea, or coffee and, was asked if I had any food-related allergies, which showed me that they cared about their customers. I responded with a cup of cappuccino and also told me that I had no allergies. I was brought a quite well-brewed cup of cappuccino along with the menu. I was told that the specialty cuisine of the restaurant is Mediterranean and Nepali cuisine.

I was first served a special starter dish called cheese volcano drizzled with mayonnaise and ketchup, which looked simple, and elegant. When I took the first bite, I had an explosion of cheese, which filled my mouth and had the right amount of flavor to know that there was some spice along with the cheese. It was soft but crunchy as it had an outer layer of crunch.

After I finished the dish, I ordered my second dish, which was a Nepalese local “Mo: Mo”. I was amazed when I saw the chicken momo. I had never seen a restaurant that serves “Jhol Mo: Mo” to the customers as an item instead of an option. The dish was neatly presented. The meat was so smooth and had the right amount of spices and the outer layer of Mo: Mo held it together, which brought it to another level.

The Jhol of the momo was delicious and was smooth and had no gritty texture. The Jhol and Mo: Mo was in harmony with each other which brought the dish to a different level. I didn't notice how the time that went by when I was there. The restaurant made a great impact on me with the ambiance, and I would visit the restaurant again for more Mediterranean cuisine along with their version of Nepali cuisine. The hospitality was great and warm, along with the ambiance. I am sure that it would change anyone’s mood, and make them visit the place again.

Text : Jebin Joshi