Election in Nepal stalls Indo-Nepal Tiger Census

6th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: The joint Indo-Nepal tiger census has stalled because of the upcoming Parliament and the Provincial Council elections in Nepal.

The census was scheduled to start from early November but the second phase election covering the Southern Plains of Nepal has pushed back the plan.

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation cited the mobilization of staffs working in the National Parks and Conservation areas for the election which then stalls the census scheduled to start from November. The Suklaphanta. Bardiya, Banke. Chitwan and Parsa National Parks are home to tigers in Nepal.

“An agreement was made between the Indian and Nepali officials to start the census simultaneously along the areas where the two countries has the meeting points on. There is high chance of repeated counting of a single tiger as one from Nepal can enter into India or the other can come to Nepal easily. If the census is taken jointly then there is less chance of repetition,” Man Bahadur Khadka, Managing Director of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation said.

But the India on other side has started the census leaving the adjoining places with Nepal and Nepal on other side also has completed the preparations to start the census. As per the plans Nepal has already kept about 1 Thousand One Hundred Camera’s ready to carry out the plan.

It will take about two months to complete the census and the department will be deploying highest number of manpower to the Chitwan National Park. A total of Four Thousand people will be deployed to Chitwan National Park followed by Bardiya with Three Thousand, Banke, Suklaphanta and Parsa with One Thousand Two Hundred people.

The 2013 Tiger Census spotted 120 tigers in Chitwan, 50 in Bardiya, 17 in Suklaphanta, 7 in Parsa and 4 in Banke taking the toll of tigers in Nepal to 198. With improvements in the conservation methods the number of tigers in this census is expected to rise by at least 50.