Elephant Festival enjoying at Sauraha (Photo feature)

26th Dec, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN:  An elephant festival has kicked off in Sauraha of Chitwan today with a view to boosting up local tourism.

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The festival, aimed at prolonging stay of tourists in the town, is organised coinciding with Christmas and the English New Year, according to Regional Hotel Association, Chitwan, the event organiser.

The festival began with the eye-catching procession of bedecked elephants that originated from the eastern sector of the Chitwan National Park and passed through Sauraha. A  Tharu cultural rally was also the part of the inaugural session of the festival.

The  nine various programmes  including elephant 'fast walk' tournament, elephant Polo, a football match among elephant calves, cart race, elephant painting, picnic for elephants, a cultural programme and a boat riding competition are the parts of the festival, Association Secretary Rammani Khanal said.

The festival is the continuity of the Elephant Race Tournament that used to be held in Sauraha 12 years ago.



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