Entrepreneurs of Sauraha announces various packages to welcome tourists

30th Jul, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, July 30: Hotels and restaurants in Sauraha have come into operation from Thursday with health precautions and discount packages. The Regional Hotel Association Sauraha issued a notice urging all the entrepreneurs to run the hotel business following the instructions and rules given by the government.

Entrepreneurs are preparing to follow hotel hygiene and health precautions as per the information. While operating the hotel, all the hotels must post the necessary information related to Covid-19, check the fever of all the tourists, wash their hands and make arrangement for sanitizer. The General Secretary of the association Gunn Raj Thapaliya urged all the entrepreneurs to wear masks, keep all the details including the phone number of all the tourists, send the tourists with more than 100 degree fever to the nearest health post or report to the concerned body and keep the room used by the tourist vacant for 48 hours or sanitize it. 

Chairman of the Regional Hotel Association Sauraha, Deepak Bhattarai said that the hotel was brought into operation as per the decision of the government. "We have operated the hotel with security vigilance and all the businessmen are preparing accordingly," he said. Likewise, Suman Ghimire, the Former President of the Regional Hotel Association, informed that all the entrepreneurs have cleaned and managed the hotel. Also, Entrepreneurs here have started announcing separate packages after the hotel came into operation. 

Gokarna Giri, the Manager of Suryodaya Guest House, who is also the outgoing president of Restaurant and Bar Association (Reban) Sauraha, has announced a 50 percent discount on rooms (lodging). He said that 20 percent discount will be given on food and 15 percent discount on beverages. Similarly, Deepesh Chaudhary, Manager of Hotel Park Inn Sauraha, has announced 50 percent discount on rooms. He said that 10 percent discount has been announced on food and beverages. "We are eager to welcome tourists and for that we are creating an environment for tourists to come by providing discounts." Other hotels and restaurants in Sauraha are also preparing to bring discount packages. Along with the operation of hotels and restaurants, other tourist activities of Sauraha will also be conducted.