Even in the season from April, the possibility of tourists is zero

22nd Feb, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 22: Last January, barely 8,000 foreign tourists visited Nepal. The new tourism season starts from April in Nepal. The mountaineering season will start. Entrepreneurs and government bodies were hopeful that vaccines and health protocols and the Government of Nepal would create a conducive environment for tourist arrivals.

Although the government has opened the door for foreign tourists to come to Nepal since last Kartik 1, only a few hundred tourists have come to Nepal on a monthly basis. Especially tourists from China and India have not come.

"The arrival of the vaccine has sent a positive message to the world that Nepal is also starting to be vaccinated. We had hoped for a new beginning in post-coronary tourism, but the possibility seems to be fading as the rules are not easy," said Regmi.

It is estimated that more than Rs 1.5 trillion has been invested in Nepal's tourism sector alone. Tourism has provided direct employment to over one million people. "Indirectly, more than two million people have made a living from tourism," said Regmi, the board's CEO. At present, Rs 10 billion is lost monthly from the tourism sector. According to Regmi, the tourism sector has lost more than Rs 110 billion in 11 months.

Binayak Shah, first vice-president of the Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), says that the government needs to take initiative to increase self-reliance internationally and internally. Hotels, airlines and other tourism sectors are promoting their packages by making them public, but there is no specific initiative from the government, Shah said.

Entrepreneurs are creating and implementing protocols. The hotel, airlines, restaurants, trekking and all the businessmen who have climbed the protocol have been implemented. "Businessmen are promoting this when they come from India, China and other countries," Shah said. "Even though the Ministry of Tourism, Nepal Tourism Board is taking the initiative, the Prime Minister needs to issue a white paper with a decision from the Council of Ministers." He stressed on the need for the government to create a climate of trust as there is a lot of research from China and India for the coming season.