Fake rescues operations earn hospital more than 700 million

18th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 18: While the government is planning to increase the number of tourists in the country through various campaigns, some of the organizations are found involved in illegal activities. One of the recent examples of this crime is fake rescue. In the name of providing service to the tourists some of the renowned organizations like travels and Tours Company, Helicopter Company and hospitals are involved in fake rescue.

An investigation committee has also been formed on order to identity the culprits of the tourism sector. Till now the committee has found 26 organizations being involved in illegal activities in tourism sector and the committee has requested the concerned authority to punish them according to the law. In the application issued by the committee 10 hospitals, 8 trekking companies, 5 business company of foreign jewels and 3 helicopter companies are found guilty. The name of the companies is not announced publicly. According to the ministry of health around 4 hospitals involved in fake rescue has done the treatment of 733,300,000 rupees.

According to various sources Era health centre, Swacon Hospital , CIWEC Hospital and Vayodha Hospital are found guilty. An application has been sent in order to take action against these hospitals. While having the treatment the hospitals have presented the fake documents. Swacon hospitals have charged 319,800,000 rupees for treating 2,023 tourist patients. Likewise, CIWEC  hospital has charged 142,300,000 rupees for treating 1736 patients and Vayodha Hospital has charged 157,000,000 rupees for treating 6179 patients. Similarly, Era health centre has charged 113,200,000 rupees for treating 1,130 patients.