Fake rumors spreads on landlords agreeing to make 50% rent adjustment in Thamel area

26th Jun, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, June 26: Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic has affected the global tourism sector, Nepal's tourism sector is almost stagnant. 

A joint meeting of tourism associations held on Sunday urged the landlords to give 50 percent discount for the next one year. Bhavishwar Sharma,Vice-Chairman of the Thamel Tourism Development Council and Coordinator of the fare adjustment committee, said that 11 organizations related to the tourism business have requested to halve the fare so that both the homeowners and businessmen do not suffer.

However, Landlords in Thamel region have not taken any decisions regarding  rent adjustments. Despite the urge of Thamel Tourism Development Council, the landlords have still not responded to their request regarding rent adjustments. Recently, fake rumors are being spread stating that the landlords have agreed to provide 50% discount on the rents for a year.