Falo festival of Thakali community begins

30th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

MUSTANG, August 30: The Kumar Jatra of Falo observed by the ThakaliĀ  community in Mustang has begun on Tuesday.

The Kumar festival is observed, in Kobang of Thasang municipality-2, the origin of the Thakali community, for three days.

Young boys between five to 13 years of age from the Thakali community of the Gauchan, Tulachan, Sherchan and Bhattan surname are taken around in the jatra, according to the Thak region coordinator Hemant Gauchan. Thasang village municipality chair Buddhi Prasad Sherchan had inaugurated the fair.

Those taking part in the fair worship Narichyohaba following a legend in order to ward off evil from the village. The young boys taking part in the fair are also culturally recognized of coming of age, and becoming able for a life with blessing from Lord Narichyohaba.

Thakali youths living outside the country too come to be part of the festival. The lads sing songs in their local language, wear Thakali costume and also dance together.

The community have also set up a fund in order to manage the festival. The Thakali service committee has set up the fund in order to give continuity to the traditional culture, said the committee General Secretary Naresh Kumar Tulachan.