Fare of domestic flights to be reviewed

15th Sep, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 15: The airfare for domestic flights is going to be reviewed after four years. A study to review the fare has been started by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

There was a provision to review the fare in every two years. A source in the Ministry of Tourism said that the fare would be reviewed to facilitate the service to remote areas. The ministry has stated that the fare will be reviewed to facilitate the remote areas so that it can be implemented across the country.

According to the Ministry, a remote area air fund will be established to provide transportation access to the general public, especially in Karnali and Far Western Provinces. Preparations will also be made to review the high fares charged for foreign passengers in various destinations. The ministry has also proposed to the Ministry of Commerce to reduce the price of aviation fuel. The Ministry has said that due to the high price of aviation fuel,  the fare of domestic flights has gone up.